A Finger Lakes Wedding: Wedding Formals

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I had to share a few formals because I really think they turned out absolutely amazing. Everything from the beautiful setting to the colors of the bridesmaids dresses blow me away. It’s crazy to think I panicked so much about them, but in the end everything worked out and ended up looking fabulous together. It still shocks me that we chose our venue when we were living in Denmark. It turned out even more beautiful then we could have imagined.

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In Between Weather – A Weekend in South Jersey

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Sweater: J Crew | Shorts: DL 1961 (similar) | Booties: Belle by Sigerson Morrison | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (similar)| Necklace: House of Harlow (similar) | Bangle: Coach | Watch: Michael Kors

This past weekend Jeff and I headed down to New Jersey to spend some much needed time with my family. It was pretty low key and mostly involved walking around the yard, laying around the house with mom, and sifting through old photographs. Aren’t those the best kind of weekends?

We move out of our apartment in two weeks, so New Jersey was a nice distraction from the soon-to-be realities of lifting couches, folding clothes, and stuffing things into a Uhaul for what I’m sure won’t be the last time. I mean, we still don’t even know where our next destination is. So there’s that. Is it just me or has this summer come and gone faster than most? I only made it to the pool once and haven’t even gotten use out of most of my sun dresses. I still have a few days left, I guess. If you need me, I’ll be busy carpe diem-ing around… or something like that.

What did you do this weekend? Tell me in the comments below.


Okay Pittsburgh, You Win


Top: JCrew | Shorts: Paige | Booties: Belle by Sigerson Morrison

Last weekend I had the privilege of visiting the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Being from the Philadelphia area, I always had a bad taste in my mouth when it came to the Steel City, and I have to say I have been super wrong for 25 years. I mean… you have to admit that black and yellow are horrible colors for any athletic team, and Pittsburgh has 3 of them. And to top it off, none of them are bumble bees. I don’t know about you, but in my mind black and yellow = a beehive.

Pittsburgh is only a 4 hour drive from Rochester, which made it easy to get to. Even though I was there for work, my co-worker and I tried to explore the city as much as we could in a weekend, while working of course.


What surprised me initially were the steep hills that surrounded the city. The Philadelphia area is flat, so I assumed Pittsburgh would be the same. Nope. I loved seeing all the houses up on he hills, and I’m sure they had so many beautiful views of the city and the Monongahlea River. What!? Yes, there is a river that runs through the city center. Who knew. We briefly explored the south side area, the market square area, and all by foot. I love cities that you walk anywhere you need to go. The walk from our hotel to the Pirates game was about 15 minutes, and tickets to the game were only $18. I would probably go everyday.


In another life, I would give living in Pittsburgh a shot. I can’t say I’d be rooting for the Steelers, Penguins, or Pirates, but I would love to hang out and enjoy one of their Fat Head beers, eat some pierogies, and talk to the the locals who are so nice. Sorry Philly, but your inhabitants are a little cold and grumpy (minus me, of course).

Have you ever been to Pittsburgh? If so, what was your favorite part about it?


5 Mystery Series You Need to Watch Now

I love a good mystery, and so crime shows have slowly become my all time favorite. Since the weather has been so crappy, Jeff and I have embarrassingly been binge watching different series, and there are some awesome ones out there you are probably missing out on. Here’s what you need to check out next time you need a new show:


Criminal Minds – Besides Law and Order, this has to be one of the most well known mystery shows on television. What I love about it is that you can always watch any episode and know exactly what’s going on. When I am sick or just need to veg out, Criminal Minds does the trick (and Shemar Moore!).



The Killing – Our current obsession comes to form as The Killing. We’re about halfway through the first season (no spoilers, please!), and it’s been following two cops trying to solve the murder of a teenage girl. It’s so good. Nothing cheesy about it – just one of those stories you cannot stop watching.



Chicago PD – My girl crush on Sophia Bush is the main reason why I started watching this show, and I have to admit, it’s pretty freakin’ good. The show follows the Chicago Police Intelligence Unit and the many crazy criminals they encounter. It currently only has one season which we completed, and I can’t wait for the next. Oh, the guy who created the series is Dick Wolf, the creator is Law & Order. You know it’s good.



American Horror Story - My sister got Jeff and I into this one when we lived in Denmark. It’s kind of like a long scary movie sectioned out into a TV show… it’s suspenseful and keeps you on your toes. The best part is that each season is a completely different story, so you have something new to look forward to.


White Collar – Two words. Neil Caffrey. I guess this is a mystery show, kind of. It’s so much more upbeat than the others I’ve listed, but it still keeps you on your toes and wanting more. True story: Jeff and I were at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen, and there was a Pollock exhibit. I turned to Jeff and mentioned I had no idea who Pollock was. Without missing a beat, Jeff says “What!? Don’t you remember when Neil Caffrey stole his painting!??” We have no lives.

What’s your favorite television series? Do you like any of the shows I’ve listed above?



Currently Coveting: Fall Bags

I don’t know about you, but up here in Upstate New York, it feels like fall. It’s rainy, gray, and pumpkin beer is already up on the shelves. My softball game ended up being cancelled today due to a thunderstorm, and I found myself browsing all of the new fall bags. I am in love. As much as I love summer, I kind of miss boots, jeans, and warm coats. I know I’ll regret saying that in the winter.


fall bags

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

1. Rebecca Minkoff Love Crossbody – Do you know how much I love the Chanel boy bag? Unfortunately the price tag loves me not at all. This Rebecca Minkoff interpretation gives the same feel and the gray color is awesome.

2. Michael Michael Kors Jules Drawstring – There’s something about a leather drawstring bag that I’m obsessed with. It’s laid back, but still classy. It’s absolutely perfect for fall.

3. Louis Vuitton Alma BB – Is it just me or is this the cutest bag ever? I had to throw it on here because I’ve absolutely been dying for it. Everything about it is perfect – the size, the style, the color. I’m determined to make this one my next!

4. Tory Burch York Tote – Most of my bags are cross body, and I’ve been carefully searching for the internet for a classic tote I can use to haul my stuff when traveling. I am in love with the color and the thin straps. And for  Tory Burch tote, it’s actually pretty affordable.

5. Kate Spade Hello Tokyo Wristlet – My fun pick is this Kate Spade wrislet. Sushi is my favorite food ever of all time, and I think this is absolutely adorable. My only problem is that I’d have sushi cravings every time I looked at it.

What bags are you obsessed with for fall?