A Finger Lakes Wedding: The Reception


Once everything else was out of the way, it was time for the best part of weddings – the reception. The speeches given by my maid of honor, Jeff’s best man, and my dad were wonderful- better than I could have ever imagined (you can get a glimpse of them here). My dad brought out a German wedding cup during his toast and presented it to Jeff and I. It had been given to my parents before their wedding, so it was really special to have that passed down. We don’t have too many heirlooms or traditions in our family, so I really appreciate the ones we do.




You have to drink from the cup at the same time!


The dances were lovely, but they seemed to last forever! Maybe it’s because I’m such an awkward dancer. Jeff and I danced to “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds, and my dad and I to “The Rhythm of the Rain” by The Cascades. We ate, and the part-ay started. Jeff and I spent most of the wedding walking around saying hello to our guests, and we occasionally made an appearance in the photo booth. I’m beyond glad we did was get a photo booth. I love that we have photos of all of our guests at the wedding that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. I’m going to attenmpt to make an album of all the photos!



One of our roommates from Denmark made the trip all the way over from Copenhagen to spend our special day with us. Can you believe it!? We decided to surprise Jeff with an old Danish wedding tradition – his groomsmen, Flemming our Danish friend, and his dad lifted him up and cut off the toes off his socks. I’m not quite sure what the exact symbolism is, but from what I understand, it means he isn’t able to run away. Sorry Jeff, you’re stuck with me.

The Fam

The Fam


The shirtless guys. The bloody hand at the bottom (fake). A random sword. This all happened.


Please notice my face.

It was quite the crazy reception, and by 10pm, I was pooped. There was still an hour left, and so I grabbed 2 pieces of cake – one chocolate, and one strawberry vanilla, and hung out with my mom while stuffing my face. I’m a classy bride, what can I say.


Sorry I’m Not Sorry

sorry not sorry

Ninety percent of the time I hate the phrase “Sorry I’m not sorry.” But today I’m making an exception. I came across Dove’s new commercial, and I loved it. It made me all giggly inside, like one of those “I may be a bit strange, but I’m proud to be weird me,” feelings. I suggest checking it out if you haven’t already. Here’s a few things I’m not sorry about.

- We have one car and it was built in the late 90′s, and it’s actually my parents’. It’s certainly not the prettiest looking thing (like, even a little bit), but it gets us from point A to point B… And we have no car payments. Side note: Toyotas last forever.

- I am obsessed with my dog. Most of the pictures on my phone are of her, we have legit conversations, and we once had matching snuggies.

- Sometimes I can be that annoying person who talks too much about traveling. Whatevs, I love to travel.

- I’m the kind of friend who will tell you not to buy something because it doesn’t look good on you. Everyone needs this kind of friend.

- When someone says “funny face picture!” I take it very seriously. The worst is when the other people in the picture do not. And there I am, looking like an idiot.


Yup, that’s me.

- I still stare at my engagement ring in disbelief about how beautiful it is. Many high fives to the husband.

- My taste in music ranges from hardcore to country to bubblegum pop. You may not like my Spotify playlists, but I sure do.

- When I do laundry it sits in the dryer for at least a full day before I actually fold it. Then it sits for at least a full day before I actually put it away. Unless I run out of underwear. Then it’s a different story.

- Most of my clothing has traces of dog hair. She’s black and white, so finding a color that hides it is difficult. It will also probably end up on your clothes if you get close enough to me.

- I’m the worst dancer, but I love dancing! My moves are truly horrible.

- When people say “What idiot would pay $x for jeans that are ripped!?” Me. Oops.

- Overall I’m pretty darn happy with my life thus far!

What are you not sorry about? Tell me in the comments below!


Currently Coveting: July Edition

Maybe it’s the crappy weather lately, or maybe it’s the Nordstrom sale, but all of my recent loves have been geared for fall. Summer in Rochester only lasts about 3 months, so investing money in warm weather things seems silly. I admit I let out a bit of a happy squeal when fall collections are released. Here’s what I’m loving right now.


1. J Brand Maria High Rise Skinnies –  I have added these to my cart so many times and have actually carried them around Nordstrom. I don’t need any new jeans, but they’re so comfortable. And form flattering. And the butt doesn’t sag. UGH. So perfect.

2. Dolce Vita Brigid Calf Hair Loafer – I will let you know when I’m over the calf hair or leopard trend, but it’s probably not happening anytime soon.

3. Moon and Lola Personalized Bar Necklace – Hello gentlemen: This is the perfect gift for the lady in your life. I just haven’t decided what name I’d put on it…

4. Giorgio Armani Si – This perfume was heavily advertised on the ferries in Denmark and Sweden last year, and I fell in love. I promised myself I’d purchase a bottle for myself upon my return to the US. Still haven’t made the move, but it’s lovely.

5. Diane Von Furstenberg Zarita - I just wore this beautiful dress in gray to my sister-in-law’s wedding and it is perfect in every way. I would love this dress in this beautiful pink color, it would be perfect for so many things. And the Nordstrom sale price is unreal.

6. Tory Burch Mercer Bag – Is it just me or does Tory not do enough silver hardware bags? This blue is amazing.

7. Sam Edelman Forsyth Studded Flats – These monochrome studded black flats are the answer to the less expensive version of the Louboutins I cannot afford. And I love them.

8. J Crew Marino Swing Sweater – I can imagine myself using this as a cover up on cold summer nights or layered under a jacket in winter. I’d like one in every color please… except the “honey glaze” which looks awful.

What are you currently coveting? Does any particular fall trend catch your eye?


A Finger Lakes Wedding: The Ceremony

finger lakes wedding

Our ceremony was short, sweet, and overlooking the beautiful Wagner Vineyards and Seneca Lake. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. The entire day leading up to the ceremony was gray and cold (great for photos), and just as our guests began to arrive the clouds parted, the sun came out, and it was nice and warm.

finger lakes wedding

The ceremony began with Jeff, the boys, and our officiate walking up to the “alter” to “This Charming Man” (Morrisey) preformed by Vitamin String Quartet, followed by the bridesmaids to “Starálfur” (Sigur Ros) preformed by Vitamin String Quartet, and myself and my parents to “Hoppípolla” (Sigur Ros) preformed by Vitamin String Quartet. The whole time I was reciting my vows in my head, trying to avoid looking at anyone for fear I would have a major panic attack. I was seriously terrified. Good news – I didn’t die. I’m so glad I had both of my parents walking with me, it reminded me of holding their hands as a little kid, afraid to let them go. I felt even more at ease when I met Jeff’s eyes as I walked down the aisle.

finger lakes wedding

finger lakes wedding

finger lakes wedding


finger lakes wedding

Our ceremony was about 15 minutes. Our friend Chelsea did a reading by James Cavanaugh called “To Love is Not to Possess,” we said our vows, we did a unity wine ceremony with wine from our respective home states, we said the “I do’s,” and then exited to Third Eye Blind’s “Never Let Yo Go.” Isn’t that song the best?

finger lakes wedding

We signed our marriage license, and then we were officially married. It’s crazy how quickly it all happens, and I really couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place to have married my wonderful husband. I’m seriously convinced that a finger lakes wedding is the best kind of wedding.

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NC Belle In Boots


A Washington State Vacation


3 of my bestest

Exhausted is the word. Jeff and I just returned from our week long vacation in Washington, and it’s safe to say we had a blast. Time always seems to go so quickly when you want it to last forever, and so slow in between.


Wedding best!

The week began with my sister-in-law’s wedding rehearsal lunch cruise, my two girlfriends from Seattle arriving in town, quickly followed by Jeff’s hockey game, and capped off with our west coast wedding reception. Yes, that all happened in one day.  The reception was held in Jeff’s parents’ backyard, and I wish I took photos to capture the beautiful sparkling bistro lights, the wood fired pizza oven serving thin crusted, cheesy goodness, the band playing oldies by the pool, or the many people that stopped by to see us. But I have no pictures because I was having too much fun enjoying the company of so many people. You’ll have to imagine it in your head, the magic and all. It is so rare these days we lose ourselves so much that we actually forget to take photos. I actually don’t think I had my cell phone with me at all.


Add Idaho to your bucket list!

The next day followed with Jeff’s sister’s wedding, and the rest of the week is a blur. We drove out to Seattle, ate way too many oysters, spent time with good friends, drove around the wooded hills of eastern Washington, cruised around the beautiful Lake Coeur D’Alene, played with our nephew, spent time with family, tried pop rocks wings (they were weird), and just enjoyed life. There were no alarm clocks, lots of fun, lots of food, and the best kind of relaxation.

full vacation mode ;)

full vacation mode ;)

Usually towards the end of vacations I tend to get annoyed, tired, and want my own bed, but this was different. Getting on the plane back to reality was a bit of a struggle. But here we are back in Upstate New York, very ready for our next adventure.