One Reason Gia Loves the New Place


Top: Vince (similar style) / Jeans: Hudson (similar) / Necklaces: Gorjana / Watch: Michael Michael Kors / Shoes: Steve Madden

One of the best discoveries of the week was finding a dog park just a few blocks from our new house. When Gia and I lived in California we would walk over to the dog beach a few times a week, and she would run around like nobody’s business. Since then I’ve felt kind of guilty that throughout our moves there hasn’t been a similar space for her… and now there is!

As for the state of our new house… it is definitely still in the “deconstructing” phase. All of the walls are out, the electrical is currently being rewired, and the space which was once the sliding door to the backyard is now boarded up and ready to be transformed into a kitchen. We ordered our floors and kitchen cabinets, selected our paint colors, and are currently working on figuring out how we want the master bathroom to look (it’s totally torn apart and empty). I’m hoping that it will all come together in the next few weeks and it’ll start looking like a real house rather than a construction zone. Our move in date will hopefully be around the first or second week of May. I can’t wait to post photos!

Wine Awesomeness Review: Unicorn Wines




I was super pumped when my third box of Wine Awesomeness showed up on my doorstep earlier this month (check out my first review here), and so I thought I’d do my second Wine Awesomeness Review. I had intended to do a review on my second box, but of course I drank it all before I could take photos. Blogger fail. Every month I find myself looking forward to my Wine Awesomeness delivery. Each box has a different theme, and I’m always excited to see what it’ll be next. This month was “Unicorn Wines,” or wine made from grapes that are not frequently used or well known. All of the varieties were new to me and I was excited to see what the bottles would bring. Here’s what the box contained:


2014 Folk Machine Tocai Friuliano

Origin: Mendocino, California

Wine Awesomeness says: “Tocai Friuliano might be common in Italy, but not in Mendocino, CA. This creative new world take on a rare transplant bears with it bright rays of lime, the crispiest of apples and finally fruit blossoms that will stir your tongue from even the soundest of slumbers. You may have heard of California love, but we’re confident this will be your first encounter with Italifornia love. How sweet it can be.”

My take: WA was pretty spot on with the description of this crisp white wine. It reminded me of a Pinot Grigio with a limey aftertaste. It’s definitely something I would reach for in the summertime, but was still just as nice sitting on the couch watching a hockey game.


2012 Zuccardi Bonarda Serie A

Origin: Mendoza, Argentina

Wine Awesomeness says: “If you think Malbec is the only wine in Argentina, think again. Bonarda is an unscrupulously juicy vino that will forever change what “food-friendly” means. It’s dark and brooding, but brightened by black raspberry and plum that keeps your glass and plate full. Why haven’t you heard of it? The locals keep it all to themselves. It may play second fiddle to Malbec, but trust us, that’s some damn good fiddle.”

My take: If there was a winner of this box, it would be this wine. Jeff, his dad, and I enjoyed it one night and it was met with some enthusiastic reviews. I thought it had a strawberry-esque smell, but wasn’t nearly as fruity as I thought it would be. We paired it with bratwurst which was awesome, and when we finished the bottle we were already talking about ordering a few more bottles.


2011 Uvaggio di Giacomo Primitivo

Origin: Lodi, California

Wine Awesomeness says: ‘Forget the link to Zinfandel. Primitivo is its own grape, and it ain’t afraid to remind you with a tannin punch to the mouth. Once a sunbather on the Adriatic, this grape has made its way to California. It’s got plenty of fruit and flavor, but remains true to its rustic roots with a dash of minerals and something small-village-in-Italy-ish. Think strawberry, stones and the tastiest damn dust you’ve ever had.”

My Take: The tannin punch is real! Jeff and I both agreed this wine starts with a “HELLO!” but then mellows out afterwards. It’s definitely very jammy which I loved and Jeff didn’t love as much (my go-to red is a Pinot Noir and Jeff’s is a Cab Sauv). I would purchase this again it’s a great hang out and chill wine I could see myself enjoying in the future.


As an added bonus, I love that Wine Awesomeness includes a mini magazine with each order that runs through a description of the wine and suggests a recipe for pairing. While I haven’t gotten around to cooking one of the meals yet, I am planning to soon. It’s a nice added touch to the experience.

I was very happy with this month’s box and I look forward to opening my next one! As a reminder, Wine Awesomeness offers your first month free by clicking here, and only asks you pay the $15 shipping charge. Once you’re a member you can choose to receive a box every month, every other month, or every three months. I’m currently on the every other month plan and it is the perfect amount.

Have you tried Wine Awesomeness yet? Would you join an online wine club subscription?

Snakeskin Neutrals



Shirt: Calvin Klein (similar sleveless version) / Jeans: RES Denim / Shoes: Vince Camuto (similar) / Hat: J Crew / Bag: Tory Burch / Necklace: Ellandemm / Earrings: J Crew (similar)

I fully blame my affinity for animal print clothing on the fact I’m from New Jersey. Whenever I hear “snake/leopard/zebra print” anything, I totally think of Teresa Guidice from The Real Housewives. To avoid looking like a gaudy housewife, I try and tone down any animal print I’m wearing by keeping it as neutral as possible. I scooped this top up at Marshall’s a few years ago, and I love how it can be dressed up or down. Definitely one of my better discount store purchases!

How do you feel about animal print? Are you a fan or totally against it?

Life Currently: Five Things


1. This past weekend Jeff and I’s alma mater, RIT, played in the NCAA Div 1 hockey tournament. Jeff and I put on his old game jerseys and cheered them on. It was pretty cool – Jeff played at RIT while the current junior and senior class were there, so it was fun watching them from all the way over here in Washington state. Sadly they lost in the Elite 8 game, but they played well and it was so awesome to follow them. It reminded me of the excitement that ensued when RIT went to the Frozen Four Jeff’s freshman year. So much fun.


2. Last month I shared our picks for our home and kitchen. Well, Jeff and I being indecisive Libras that we are changed our minds, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ll be sharing photo updates soon, but above is a photo of our kitchen layout and the cabinets we just ordered (they’re actually less red and a little darker). Pretty cool, right? We’ve been working with Geoff from Sockets/Red Rolling Pin (in Spokane), and he has been super helpful with everything. Now we just need to choose a floor. Cue Jeopardy music.

3. Jeff is playing in a hockey tournament this weekend, and it’s super dorky, but I’m excited to watch him play. The last time I watched one of his games was last July! And no, I’m not counting all of the games I streamed from Sweden. After all, I had no idea what anyone was saying.

4. Happy early Easter everyone! It’s hard to believe it’s that time of the year already. My mom used to mail me an Easter basket every year, and since she isn’t here to send one, I channeled her and sent my little sister a pretty cute care package. It always makes me a little sad I’m not nearby to spend the holidays with her, but I can only hope she is able to make the trip out to visit this summer. Nothing like sister love!

5. And just throwing this out there – McDonald’s is going to make breakfast available all day. Epic. Not that I eat McDonald’s often, but when I do it’s a breakfast sandwich.

Favorites of March



1. Sonix Phone Case - After a few months I’m still loving the pattern on this phone case, and I can personally validate the indestructible nature of it. I’m the queen of dropping my phone on hard surfaces, so the fact my phone is in great condition with only a few nicks in the case is amazing.

2. Michael Kors Sunglasses (similar style)- Obviously with the reemergence of the sun I find myself reaching for sunglasses pretty much everyday. I feel a little bit like Audrey Hepburn when I’m wearing these, and I kind of love it.

3. Lush Sea Spray Hair Mist - I absolutely love this texturizing hairspray. Typically I use it when I want to messy up my curls a bit (just like I did here). I find that it adds just the right amount of subtle texture, and it smells AMAZING. The bottle says the scent is grapefruit and neroli and it’s so wonderful I want to shout it from the rooftops. If there was a perfume of this stuff, I would have like 5 of them.

4. Maria Zabel Ring – Jeff brought this ring home from Sweden and it has quickly made it into my everyday rotation. How cute is it!? My engagement ring is a pear, and I love that this ring has two little ones on it. It’s the perfect (very early) anniversary gift.

5. Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lipstick in Creme Coral - I’ve had this tube of lipstick forever, and I just rediscovered it in my collection. It’s the perfect pinky-nude for my skin tone, and I love that it’s not drying. I definitely want to investigate different shades in this formula because it rock my socks.

What’s on your March favorite list?