Save Vs. Splurge Bootie-licious


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One of my favorite things about this time of year is the footwear. Specifically booties. I don’t discriminate – I love these things in all shapes, sizes, styles, and heel height. It’s actually a bit of a problem. This year I’m looking to add a few to my collection, and I’m loving the different styles shown above. Especially #4. If only I could have them all.

What shoe trend are you looking forward to this fall?

So This is 26


Today marks my Happy New Year. It’s my 26th birthday. I’m officially closer to 30 than 20, and I can no longer chisel off of my parents’ insurance. This year is sounding awful already. Just kidding. The past 365 days have been wild to say the least to say the least. I rang in my 25th year in Copenhagen, Denmark. A few months later I was engaged, started planning a wedding, I moved back to upstate New York, got married, moved to New Jersey, and said goodbye to my mom. I think I can safely say this year has certainly been the craziest of my life thus far.

I take comfort in the thought that my 26th year will be a little less intense. Hopefully this will result in the halted production of my recent gray hairs. Seriously, there has been like 10 of them and I am not okay with it.

Actually, I know this year will be wonderful because this is my first birthday I’ve spent with my family at home since my 13th birthday. Boarding school and college will do that to you.

Tonight I’ll be boarding a plane to London for the weekend. My first solo work trip as a 26 year old. I think I may even treat myself to a birthday cocktail on the flight.

I’m excited to see what the next 365 days will bring little old me. Bring it on, world.

Birthday Gifts for the Libra Gal

All the other Zodiac signs are cool and all, but Libras are the best of all time. Of. All. Time. If you’re lucky enough to know (or be) someone born between September 23 and October 23, then you know one if these fine people. Did I mention I’m a Libra? So is Jeff. I may be a bit biased after all.

Libras are characterized by their fairness, social life, love for beauty, romance, luxury, and occasional indecisiveness. I’m definitely guilty of all of the above, and I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not. Regardless, if you have a friend with a birthday approaching in the next few weeks, here are a few gifts that are likely to blow their socks off.



I know I would be happy to receive any of these especially considering my iPhone 4S is the absolute worst (hashtagfirstworldproblems). Happy birthday to all of you fellow Libras, I hope it’s a good one!

Dealing with Life & Loss


It’s hard to believe it has been 2 weeks since my mom departed this world, and I finally feel like I’m ready to return to blogging. The past 14 days have been somewhat of an emotional roller coaster, some days thinking I’m fine, and some not-so-fine. I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to spend this time with my family in my childhood home.

The weather has significantly cooled down in southern New Jersey and the fireplace is now running. The smell of burning wood on a cold day reminds me so much of the holidays. Usually my mom could be found curled up on the couch with a book or with a quilt she was in the midst of quilting. I’m not sure when or if the empty feeling and longing for the return of my mom’s voice or beautiful face will subside, but I kind of wish it won’t.

Throughout my life I have always feared death, but now I find it comforting that my mom will be there. It makes life a little less scary.

Friday Faves because… September

I want to say thank you to everyone who has kept my family in their thoughts during this time. My mom was the #1 fan of Seeking Sunshine and the reason I started blogging. I like to think that somehow she’ll still be keeping up with me, commenting on my adventures and not-so-subtly telling me I shop too much.

This past month has been so crazy, and I can’t believe it’s almost over. The weather has been mostly wonderful, and it has been nice spending the month at home. I always think things happen for a reason, and I wouldn’t trade being with my family at this time for anything despite being a bit stressed about it in August. Below are a few of my favorite things about this month. I’ve been trying to concentrate on the beauty in this world and trying to get back to my regular self.

Tacos all day, everyday


Jeff and I discovered a little taco truck not too far from my parents’ house, and I am obsessed. I think we’ve been lunch eating there at least 2 times a week, and my tummy is happy.

Red, Pink, and Gray, oh my!

As you can tell from my new blog design and this outfit, I’m loving the blush/berry/gray color combo. I love that it’s fall-like, but not dreary.

Lusting and must-ing over



I’ve been eyeing black over-the-knee heeled boots for a while now, and this weather has them calling my name. I love the way they look with a big cozy sweater.

Still in love with

I purchased this little guy about 2-ish years ago after coveting it for forever. It was my first purse purchase has been one of my best. It can be dressed up, down, and it fits everything I need. When my sister graduated college this year I gifted her the color-blocked nude/white version of this bag and we’ve been twinning around town.

Jamming to…

Because what’s more positive than this song? After the craziness this month, it’s much needed.

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What have been some of your favorite things this month? Share in the comments below!

Remembering Mom


On September 22 my mom, Mary Hunt, passed away after an almost 2 year battle with lung cancer.

There are so many things I would like to write in this space, but putting my thoughts together is proving to be difficult at the moment. I loved my mom very much, and I’m glad that she is in a better place now. After her diagnosis we knew this day would eventually come. Though it is very sad, I feel thankful I had time to spend with her, asking all the questions I have about life, and telling her how much I love her.

If you would like to read about her life and general badass-ness, you may do so here. She was a role model and inspiration many (including myself) and I can truly say the world is a better place because she lived in it.

Outfit Inspiration to Cure the Monday Blues


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Mondays often get a bad rep, but I sometimes like to think of them as opportunities for new beginnings. A time to finally start eating healthier, to start running, to wake up earlier, and to form those positive habits you’ve been putting off (for me that has been just about everything). And if you haven’t had that cup of coffee and can’t think so deeply at this very moment – I hope this cozy fall ensemble at least fuels your wardrobe daydreams.

For those fellow bloggers out there – I’ve just updated my sponsorship options, check them out!

Thankful For One Year of Blogging


It’s hard to believe that yesterday was Seeking Sunshine’s 1 year anniversary. I first pushed “publish” when I documented my awful flight to Denmark, and I can’t believe I’m still going. Truth be told, I really did’t think I’d be able to keep up with this blogging thing. I had started about 3 different blogs prior that lasted about 5 posts in total. If you don’t believe me you can still check out the shortly lived Luxe Pup that states I am 22 years old (with some Something Corporate lyrics) – now I’m just a few weeks away from the big 26. Ew.

Here’s what’s been keeping my blogging fire going the past 365 days:

1. I write about what I like. While this kind of started off as a travel-lifestyle blog, it’s become somewhat of a mash of a few different things I love. It has really become my internet home, and it’s oddly made me more confident in myself.

2. I read other blogs. Reading about others’ lives, interests, and activities is really inspiring. It keeps me going when I feel like I’ve lost motivation. Thank you bloggers!

3. It gives me an excuse to do different things. When I was living overseas this blog gave me an excuse to get off my butt and explore on days when I felt like doing nothing. And it still does.

4. My memories, experiences, and thoughts being documented. Because when I forget about my awkward bike ride, my escape dog, or just can’t remember my mom’s chocolate chip cookie recipe, it’s all here.

5. It’s something consistent. With so much relocating, an uncertain future, a very sick mom, and various other moving parts, it’s nice to know that when I log in my blog is here. Writing posts can take my mind away from the craziness that is my life lately, and I appreciate that so much.

So here’s to the next 365 days of Seeking Sunshine. Thanks to everyone who’s been keeping up with me!

Mixing Fall Prints

ootd0910143ootd0810141 ootd0910142 ootd0910144Sweater: Tobi | Shirt: Vince (similar) | Scarf: JCrew | Jeans: Current Elliott ( Similar) | Booties: Steve Madden | Bag: Tory Burch | Watch: Michael Kors | Earrings: Elizabeth Cole via Gilt | Lips: Stila

Like everyone else on the planet has already said, fall fashion is my favorite. Give me plaid and every bootie ever and I will be a happy lady. The weather has finally cooled down so I obviously piled on my new scarf and my leopard sweater. I like to follow the Jenna Lyons “leopard is a neutral” mantra. There is nothing that says “autumn is here” more than layers and mixing fall prints. And a little bit of red lipstick can’t hurt.

What’s your favorite part about fall fashion?

The Fashion Canvas

Pieces of Home

South Jersey

Queen Gia by the pond

nj4 nj5


Hurricane Sandy Debris

nj6 nj1

If I had a dollar for every time the show Jersey Shore is referenced when I tell people where I’m from, I would be able to buy quite a few pairs of nice shoes. The truth is, the New Jersey I’m from is a little bit country. My hometown boasts just a few thousand residents, and the only store nearby is a little deli. It’s nothing fancy and there are no Snookies or Real Houewives. If you need anything else there’s a WalMart a 15 minute car ride a way, and that’s about it.

When I was younger I kind of hated my hometown. I wanted to live in the suburbs and I was seriously jealous of the Nickelodeon kids who could wave to their neighbor from their bedroom window. Only now that I’m older do I appreciate the trees, the land, the vegetable garden, and the pile of wood next to our house that my dad chops up into fuel for our fireplace. As I get older and find myself browsing the land of Trulia and other real estate apps, I now see how rare it is to have these small luxuries in this day and age. It’s nearly impossible to find a decently priced house on even a single acre, and I grew up with 13.

A few days ago I asked my world-traveling mom what her favorite place she had ever visited was, and she said “I don’t know Annesssa… I kind of like it here.” While I don’t think I could live my entire life in South Jersey, it is nice to visit and enjoy the little pieces of home I can’t get anywhere else. And I have to say, Gia enjoys running freely too.