What’s Your Everyday Uniform?


Jacket: Uniqlo (similar) / Scarf: J Crew (similar) / Sweater: J Crew / Jeans: Rag & Bone / Shoes: DV Dolce Vita (similar) / Bag: Michael Michael Kors (similar) / Earrings: Kate Spade

As Jeff and I were running out the door yesterday I had him snap a few photos. It was raining and just a wee bit chilly, but I felt like my outfit was the essence of what I refer to as “my uniform.” It’s the style I’m most comfortable in that you can usually find me rocking on a daily basis. I definitely think everyone has a signature go-to look whether they realize it or not. For example, I can always pick out a few pieces that would be perfect for each of my girlfriends when I’m out shopping, and they’ve sent me a few photos when they’re out and about of things I may like.  Here’s what yo can usually find me in:

A jacket/cardigan: You better bet I’m almost never wearing one layer. I’m cold about 95% of the time, so I need the extra warmth.

A patterned scarf: Because they’re so fun and I’m usually still cold despite the extra layer.

Skinny jeans: Out of my many pairs of denim only 2 are not skinny jeans. I wish I was kidding. I keep trying to branch out, but it’s so hard!

Heeled booties: Whether it be summer or winter I just can’t do without heeled booties. I wish I had purchased these DV Dolce Vita “Java” in every color while they were still in stock everywhere. I wear them about 5 days a week, they’re that comfortable. I really hope they will last forever or Dolce Vita will re-release the shoe. Please, Dolce Vita. Please.

A statement stud: It’s very rare you will catch me wearing an earring with any dangle. These Kate Spade’s are about the longest I go, and I attribute it to my face shape. I’ve always thought my head was long and longer earrings makes it look funny. I don’t know, I’m weird.

What does your “everyday uniform” consist of? Do you share any of my go-to items?

Currently Coveting: Rainy Days

RAINLIST1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

I fully blame this wish list on the downpour happening outside my window. There’s nothing like a little bit of color on a rainy day to improve my mood and put a little spring in my step. Plus, how freaking cute are these rain boots?! I need them in my life. Right… now.


Blue on Blue

blue2blue1blue3 blue4 blue5Sweater: Zara (similar) / Jeans: Joes (similar) / Shoes: Steven Steve Madden / Bracelet: Banana Republic (similar)  / Lips: MAC in Lush Life / Nails: Deborah Lippmann Ya Got Trouble

Admittedly I was super distracted last week by both our under construction home and the crappy weather. Even though we were only in Denver for 4 days, it seemed like forever in renovation time. My uniform last week was something like leggings, old t-shirt, sneakers, and a dust mask. While normally I would be hesitant to make a public appearance in such an ensemble, I was just going to Home Depot and quite frankly did not really care.

The weather has been so-so around here with the occasional April shower (yes, I realize it’s still March), but has been the perfect temperature. It allows for my favorite winter things like cozy sweaters and also to get a head start on my favorite warm weather things like sandals. I mean, I just couldn’t wait until May to wear this perfect pair of Steven sandals that were amainzgly priced at 6pm. They’re super comfortable and I can’t wait to be wearing them on the regular in just a few months. Rain, rain, go away…

What are you excited for wearing this Spring?


Annessa Tries Skiing. Fails.


Jeff and I spent the weekend in Breckenridge, Colorado with some of his high school friends, and I was super excited to ski for the first time. I like to consider myself a fairly athletic person, and figured “how hard could it be?” I mean, there were 4 year olds riding the ski lifts solo. I pictured myself swiftly cruising down the mountains with a big smile on my face and snow joyfully tickling my nose. So when the guys suggested we go ahead and hit the mountain instead of the bunny slope I was all in.

The trouble began when i snapped the skis on and tripped over myself on the way to the lift. I didn’t realize this was foreshadowing what was to come. While on the chair lift I remembered I am scared of heights and was convinced I was going to fall to my death. Luckily that didn’t happen. I somehow dismounted the lift without falling and off. Then two facts quickly struck me: skis make you go very fast, and the edge of the mountain is RIGHT THERE. The word is terrified.

I made it a few feet and fell, and then I got back up, made it a few more feet – saw the edge of the mountain, and somehow ended up off to the side crumbled in a pile both laughing hysterically and crying tears of frustration. Meanwhile people were skiing and snowboarding by (4 year old included) looking at me like I was cray.

I pleaded with Jeff to just leave me and get someone with a snowmobile, but instead we were more innovative. I held my poles behind me and Jeff gripped them, skiing behind me and controlling my speed. Somehow after much freaking out I made it to the bottom. And then I grabbed a beer and called it a day. Jeff did Facetime me from the tops of the other mountains so I could appreciate the view. Proof:


Lesson learned: girls from the very flat lands of New Jersey should probably do a few runs down the bunny hill before going up a very high mountain. Duh.

5 Tips for Gym Success


1. Set Goals: Going to the gym is so much easier when you have a long term goal in mind. Whether that is weighing in at a certain number, lifting a certain amount of weight, or having a six pack by summer. Remind yourself of your goal whenever you’re feeling unmotivated to keep you moving.

2. Go in With a Plan: Know what you’re doing before you even step into the gym. I have totally been that person creepily walking around, looking at each machine trying to figure out what I want to do or blankly staring at the weight racks. I always feel so awkward, and then I end up doing nothing and just running on the treadmill. I like to take 5 minutes before I head in to plan on paper or on my phone exactly what I’m going to do so I don’t go in feeling like an awkward turtle. And if you have no idea what to do, a session with a personal trainer is always helpful!

3. Create a Killer Playlist: I like to pride myself on my wonderfully curated workout/pump up playlist (check out mine here). A good playlist has the same effect as coffee for me. It wakes me up, keeps me going, and helps me zone out.

4. Reward yourself: And I don’t mean with a cupcake. The gym I go to has a steam room which I take the time to treat myself to every Friday. In the past I’ve also set monthly goals for myself with a much coveted reward if I reach them (Like sunglasses or a pair of shoes). No better motivation than something pretty for yourself!

5. Take the Right Supplements: Do some research and take the right supplements to enhance your progress. I usually take fish oil, a women’s multivitamin, and most recently Zenwise Advanced Green Tea Extract. I’m not going to lie, I was a little hesitant to try green tea pills, but I figured “why not?”. What attracted me the most was its claim to increase fat burning. I fit into the “Apple” body type category, meaning I typically gain weight around my middle section. I’ve had a stubborn area I was seeing no progress regardless of the different exercises I tried, and I definitely saw a decrease in fat in that area after a few days of taking this pill. Even after doing some research to make sure I wasn’t imagining my progress, I found an article that confirms green tea does infact increase abdominal fat burning, especially during exercise (source). I can’t personally speak to the other benefits of this pill such as lower cholesterol, increased physical performance, or antioxidants, but I haven’t been sick yet.


Thank you to Brand Backer and Zenwise Labs for sponsoring this post.

What are some tips you use for gym success?